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not sure if anyone checks the site much anymore. my SSD broke yesterday. went BSOD and wont detect on my PC. hope to be back soon, sucks =(
Hey guys. I'll be back online early next week. Need to drive out to Vancouver to see statics grandpa.
I should jump on again myself. My motherboard and headset fried a while back but its been fixed since then.
Pada, Gum, Terror, Ragdon, Taz and I are still pretty active, me not so much, with studies and all, but still, pop in some time and talk a while.

Greetings, Electric Funeral!

Our open recruitment policy has changed, but only so far as we are expanding to new games.
Nothing has changed except that we are growing and after our Fifth Year since becoming the great guild that we always should be. Our games now include: 
(SWTOR) Star Wars The Old Republic On The Harbinger Server U.S.

(AOC) Age Of Conan On The Set Server U.S.

(STO) Star Trek Online

(ESO) Elder Scrolls Online 

(TSW) The Secret World

Rust On Brown Town Server

Wildstar Enmity
ARK Officialserver315
Elite Dangerous

With the possibility of more games in the future. We welcome our new recruits with open arms and minds.      
We encourage new members to support our guild and guild website because this is our home,and ask current members to continue their support. One way of  doing this  is to donate to the web site at the right.

  As always remember, we are looking for players of all experience levels to join our growing team. Please apply here or contact a member in-game to discuss your membership in the guild.

We are a friendly guild with one simple philosophy: assist everyone and be a team member!

Become part of a fast growing guild that is looking for folks who want to find a family and home.

Always remember that a guild is as strong as its members. Contact us for information. We host events, have a teamspeak chat, maintain the website, and cater to our members.

With this expansion come new opportunities for advancement, but what kind has yet to be determined ????

Thank You for  reading this, our mission statement. Have fun and remember that these are games, but more importantly that this is our home. 

Emperor TerrorFreeze

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TAZREAPEROk guys the Teamspeak Server has been changed and the new address is VS21.TSERVERHQ.COM:9005
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